Seniors Program


The Seniors Support Program at ACS provides a drop-in program for seniors from the African Canadian community in Peel. The program was developed in 1997 to assist seniors who, due to language and cultural barriers were unable to access mainstream community or other seniors programs. It also came as a result of recognition that the target community had seniors who were isolated, silent and invisible in the wider community and who were not participating in any programs or at all.


The program aims to reduce the risk of the social isolation and loneliness of target community seniors and provides an opportunity for them to meet with others, get support and assistance in addressing their issues and share experiences in a mutually supportive environment. The program also seeks to address the issues of seniors who are at risk of social isolation, abuse and violence. Programs and services are provided in a friendly culturally and language appropriate manner that takes into account, the ethnic, language, cultural and religious backgrounds of the seniors to make the information as accessible as possible.

The weekly drop-in program provides an opportunity to isolated seniors to come out and socialize with each other, exchange ideas and establish friendships for mutual support. As well, seniors provide input in planning and implementing identified program activities which include: arts and crafts, singing, cultural dance, folklore and story- telling, field trips, nature and community walks, group discussions on relevant seniors’ issues, healthy eating and exercise etc. Through these activities, seniors feel empowered, valued and included as valuable members of society which enhances their mental and physical health.


Activities include:

  • Bi-weekly information sessions on relevant issues such as elder abuse, dieting , physical activity, income support, nutrition, seniors’ rights and responsibilities, family relationships, safety and self care

  • Recreational activities such as cultural dance, fashion shows and field trips

  • Intergenerational programs for youth and seniors

  • Health and Nutrition cook-outs

  • Watching Informative Educational Videos

  • Supportive Sharing with Other Seniors

  • Supportive Counselling with Referrals

  • Recreational Activities, arts/crafts, poetry, and light exercise, walks, field trips

  • Socializing and Mutual Support

  • Assistance with applying for related benefits, completing pensions, disability forms, income tax and other government forms.

  • Accompaniment and friendly visiting

For more information, please contact us at 905-460-9514 or Fax 905-460-9769.