Volunteer Training and Development Program

Goal of the Program

The goal of the program is to provide volunteer opportunities to newcomers to acquaint them with the Canadian workplace environment, help them acquire relevant office skills and Canadian work experience. Participant receive on the job basic training to help them accomplish identified tasks based on their past work experience. They also benefit from participating in other agency programs and get exposure to information, resources and opportunities they require to meet their immediate information and service needs.

Men, women and youth are eligible to apply for volunteer positions at ACS. Agency volunteers assist in such tasks as promotion and outreach, networking, public education, fundraising, workshop organization, data collection, internet research, administrative and reception duties and may be assigned other duties as appropriate.


ACS provides the following volunteer programs:

  • Community volunteer opportunities

  • A partnership with Ontario Works in Peel for Ontario Works Clients

  • Volunteer placement opportunities for High School students needing to fulfil the 40 volunteer hour program for their graduation

  • Volunteer Co-op placement opportunities for college and university students


  • Appropriate Screening for all volunteers

  • Volunteer Training and development activities

  • Training on volunteer rights and responsibilities

  • Employment support and access

  • Volunteers' Recognition activities